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Meet The Team

Thinking of buying a home or selling your current home in Columbus Area? Then it's time to contact Yoder Barnhart Real Estate Team, your Columbus Area real estate resource! Take some time to meet our agents and learn more about our skills and qualifications, or read reviews from our past clients.

Photo of Nicole Yoder-Barnhart

Nicole Yoder-Barnhart Co-Owner, President, Licensed Realtor®

Photo of Ron Barnhart

Ron Barnhart Co-Owner, Manager, Licensed Realtor®

Photo of Sharon Wholaver

Sharon Wholaver Office administrator. Licensed Realtor®

Photo of Darin Kennedy

Darin Kennedy Buyers Agent, Licensed REALTOR®

Photo of Kara Barnhart

Kara Barnhart Buyers Agent, Licensed REALTOR®

Photo of Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna Buyers Agent, Licensed Realtor

Photo of Nickie Butcher

Nickie Butcher Buyers Agent, Licensed REALTOR®

Photo of Nicci Todd

Nicci Todd Buyers Agent, Licensed REALTOR®